There’s one way

to scream..

remember that you are Palestinian.

One way to scrutinize your face

in a bus window as date trees and porters flicker past

and break your reflection.

One way

to reach the ozone layer

lightly, like a helium balloon

or to cry

because you’re a bastard.

One way

to place your hands over the breasts of the one you love

and dream

of faraway things:

a small flat in a suburb of Paris, the Louvre,

loads and loads

of loneliness and books.

One way to die:

inciting the snipers

in the early hours of the morning.

To call your cheating girl

a whore.

To smoke weed in a lift,

alone, at eleven o’clock at night;

to write a miserable poem in the bathroom.

One way

to scream in the gutter

where your face waves again

in a toxic puddle

where you remember, in one way,

you are definitely nothing



5 thoughts on “DNA

  1. Ow Mazen! Your work is absolutely incredible… I am truly inspired… Are any of your collections published in English? If they are how do I go about obtaining one for myself?

    • hello Elmi
      thank you a lot. I’ve seen one poem of mine posted on your blog I think. I am grateful to you. My last book is going to be translated into French and published in May 2013. but I also hope I will have the chance to get it translated into English. However, some poems are already there in English.. have a good day

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